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Our 2023 Keynote Speakers:
The Peterson Farm Brothers

"The Peterson Farm Bros are made up of Greg (32), Nathan (29), and Kendal (26) Peterson. We are brothers who farm together with our families (pictured above) near Assaria, KS. We produce entertaining and educational videos on our YouTube channel and post farming and video updates to our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat). Ever since we began producing content, we have realized a need to inform people about what we do in farming and in agriculture as a whole. There are many misconceptions about modern day farmers and we feel led to help correct some of those misconceptions. Aside from our production on social media, we travel around the country to speak/entertain. We also blog about misunderstood topics in agriculture and open up our farm for tours, weddings, and overnight stays on Airbnb. Through all of this we hope to educate the general public on where their food comes from and what a real Midwest family farm looks like!"

Check out their website here!

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